The Beast Binaural Beats Around!

Hi again everyone. Well, I did some more homework, and I think I’ve found some of the absolute Best Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment around.

1. The Evolution System

The Evolution System is by far the best set of Binaural Beats I’ve found. I’ve been listening to the first level for a few weeks now, and it’s been a great experience so far. It’s extremely relaxing to listen to, and afterwords, I find myself much more able to focus on my schoolwork. It seems like I’m able to retain the information I’m learning much better as well. I really suggest you take a look at this system!

I’m gonna keep looking for more so stay tuned!



Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment – How Does it Work?

Hi again everyone! Steve here, and I’ve been keeping busy the past few weeks researching all I can about the Best Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment, and boy have I learned a lot! I’ve learned exactly how this stuff works, so I thought I would take some time to explain it here.

So how exactly do they work? Well its actually very simple. You see these binaural beats work by using a natural process referred to as brainwave entrainment, where sounds are used to “entrain” your brainwaves into specific states, which can include relaxation or concentration. Basically, you put on a pair of headphones and get into a relaxed position. Then, you listen to the music, sit back and let them do their job.

The thing is, as we relax or concentrate, our brainwaves enter into certain states, which can be measured using various technologies. Most types of brainwave entrainment aim to mimic these relaxed brainwaves, which are often between 5 Hz and 13 Hz.

This is accomplished by playing one tone in one ear with a specific frequency (200hz), and a different tone in your other ear with a different frequency (210 hz). It’s the difference between the two tones which is interpreted by the brain and your brainwaves begin to match the difference in those two frequencies.

So now that we understand how binaural beats work, the next step is finding the absolute best around. So that’s what I will be working on next. Check back soon!

Best Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment

Hi there everyone! My names Steve, and I’ve recently discovered Binaural Beats and how many different ways they can be used. If you haven’t heard of these yet, Binaural Beats (also known as Brainwave Entrainment) are simple soundtracks which can help people relax, focus more, and even learn at an accelerated rate.

The only thing is, there’s a lot of these things around! With so many different types of Brainwave Entrainment soundtracks out there, I wanted to start this blog so I could explore them all. I thought, if I started a blog on the subject, I could share the best beats and I’ve found, as well as get advice about the Best Binaural Beats you have found as well!

So, my goal is to find and list all the best Brainwave Entrainment beats I can find right here at this blog. So stay tuned!